Advent 2016

by DeguMoth Studios

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Welcome to our fourth Advent EP!
In making this EP, we really hoped to create something beautiful and peaceful for people to listen to, to help everyone find hope and a light in the darkness.

We arranged four relatively old carols – most date from around the 15th-17th centuries. Two are in Latin and two are in English. We hoped to evoke a sense of mystery, wonder, and peace with each carol, and we hope each one can transport the listener and lend a sense of timelessness.

We truly hope you enjoy our arrangements. :)

Each arrangement is original, and every carol used is in the Public Domain.

Each of these tracks was/will be posted on Youtube as the music for simple Advent videos- one for each Sunday of Advent, 2016.
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Thanks for listening!


released November 28, 2016

Vocals: L.D.A.L.
Arrangements: L.D.A.L.
Copyright/Produced by DeguMoth Studios, 2016



all rights reserved


DeguMoth Studios Zelienople, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Let All That Are To Mirth Inclined
Let all that are to mirth inclin'd,
Consider well, and bear in mind,
What our good God for us has done,
In sending his beloved Son.
For to redeem our souls from thrall,
Christ is the Saviour of us all.

That night the Virgin Mary mild,
Was safe deliver’d of a child;
According unto Heav'n's decree,
Man's sweet salvation for to be. (Chorus)

Near Bethlehem some Shepherds keep
Their flocks and herds of feeding sheep;
To whom God's Angel did appear,
Which put the shepherds in great fear. (Chorus)

Prepare and go, the Angel said,
'To Bethlehem, be not afraid;
There shall you find this blessed morn,
The princely babe, sweet Jesus born.' (Chorus)

With thankful heart and joyful mind,
The Shepherds went this babe to find,
And as the Heav'nly Angels told,
They did our Saviour Christ behold. (Chorus)

Within a manger he was laid,
The Virgin Mary by him staid;
Attending on the Lord of life,
Being both mother, maid, and wife. (Chorus)

Three Eastern Wise Men from afar,
Directed by a glorious star;
Came boldly on, and made no stay,
Until they came where Jesus lay. (Chorus)

And being come unto the place,
Whereas the blessed Messiah was;
They humbly laid before His feet,
Their gifts of gold and odours sweet. (Chorus)

See how the Lord of Heaven and earth,
Shew'd himself lowly in his birth;
A sweet example for mankind,
To learn to bear an humble mind. (Chorus)

Let all your songs and praises be,
Unto His Heavenly Majesty;
And evermore, amongst our mirth,
Remember Christ our Saviour's birth. (Chorus)

(We used verses 1,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13, and 2 from the original 15 verse carol.)
Track Name: Song of the Nuns of Chester
Qui-a creavit coelum,
Lully, lully, lu,
Nascitur in stabulo,
By, by, by, by, by,
Rex qui regit saeculum,
Lully, lully, lu.

Joseph emit paniculum,
Lully, lully, lu,
Mater involvit puerum,
By, by, by, by, by
Et ponit in praesepio,
Lully, lully, lu.

Inter animalia,
Lully, lully, lu,
Jacent mundi gaudia,
By, by, by, by, by,
Dulcis super omnia,
Lully, lully, lu.

Lactat mater domini,
Lully, lully, lu,
Osculatur parvulum,
By, by, by, by, by,
Et adorat dominum,
Lully, lully, lu.

Roga mater filium,
Lully, lully, lu,
Ut det nobis gaudium,
By, by, by, by, by,
In perenni gloria,
Lully, lully, lu.

In sempiterna saecula,
Lully, lully, lu,
In aeternum et ultra,
By, by, by, by, by,
Det nobis sua gaudia,
Lully, lully, lu.


He who created the heaven (Lully, lully, lu)
Is born in a stable (by, by, by, by, by)
The king who rules the world (Lully, lully, lu).

Joseph buys the swaddling clothes
The Mother wraps the babe
And places him in the manger

Among the animals
Lies all earthly joy,
The sweetest joy of all.

The Mother suckles the Lord,
She kisses the babe
And worships her Lord.

O Mother, ask your son
To give us joy,
In everlasting glory.

Unto ages of ages,
To eternity and beyond,
May he grant us his grace.
Track Name: Ecce Quod Natura
Ecce novum gaudium,
Ecce novum mirum,
Virgo parit filium
Quae non novit virum.
Quae non novit virum,
Sed ut pyrus pyrum,
Gleba fert papyrum
Florens lilium.
Ecce quod natura mutat sua iura,
Virgo parit pura Dei filium.

Mundum Deus flebilem
Cernens in ruina,
Rosam delectabilem
Produxit de spina.
Produxit de spina,
Natum de regina,
Qui est medicina,
Salus gentium.
Ecce quod natura mutat sua iura,
Virgo parit pura Dei filium.

Nequivit divinitas
Plus humiliari,
Nec nostra carnalitas
Magis exaltari.
Magis exaltari,
Deo coaequari,
Coelo collocari, per coniugium.
Ecce quod natura mutat sua iura,
Virgo parit pura Dei filium.


Behold! A new joy!
Behold! A new wonder!
A Virgin, who knew not a man,
Bears a son.
She knew not a man, but
As the pear-tree bears the pear, the
Flourishing papyrus brings the lily
From the soil.
See how Nature changes her laws:
A pure Virgin bears the Son of God.

God, seeing the world,
Lamentable in its ruin,
Has brought forth a delightful rose
From a thorn.
From a thorn He has brought forth
From a queen a son,
Who is the remedy and salvation
Of the peoples.
See how Nature changes her laws:
A pure Virgin bears the Son of God.

Divinity could not
Have some lower,
Nor could our flesh
Have been more exalted.
Have been more exalted,
Put on a level with God,
Established in Heaven,
By marriage.
See how Nature changes her laws:
A pure Virgin bears the Son of God.

Translation by P. C. Thompson from this link, under the section “Original Text and Translations”
Track Name: At the Nativity
Gloomy night embraced the place
Where-in the noble Infant lay;
The Babe look’d up and shew’d His face,
In spite of darkness it was day!
It was Thy day, Sweet! and did rise,
Not from the east, but from Thine eyes.

Winter child aloud, and sent
The angry North to was his wars.
The North forgot his fierce intent,
And left perfumes instead of scars.
By those sweet eyes’ persuasive powers
Where he meant frost, he scattered flowers.

Welcome, all wonders in one sight!
Eternity shut in a span!
Summer in winter, day in night!
Heaven in earth, and God in Man!
Great little one! Whose lowly birth,
Lifts earth to heav’n, stoops Heav’n to earth.

To Thee, meek Majesty! soft King
Of simple graces and sweet loves;
Each one of us his lamb will bring,
And each his pair of silver doves;
Till burnt in fire of Thy fair eyes,
Ourselves become our sacrifice!

(We used verses 1,2,4, and 5 of the original 5-verse version.)